What the Palestinians Must Do

[Jerusalem Post] Uri Savir - Now is the time for the Palestinian side to bite the bullet, to set forth realistic positions in order to find a common platform with Israel. Here is what I believe the Palestinians must do: 1) Road map. The Palestinians must implement the first phase of the road map and uproot violence from their midst. The struggle against the terrorist infrastructure must be relentless and ongoing. This should be done not as a "goodwill" gesture toward Israel, but because it is in the supreme interest of the Palestinians. 2) Right of return. Even the most moderate Israelis, myself included, vehemently opposes the influx of millions of Palestinian refugees or their descendents into sovereign Israel. The Palestinian leadership must finally tell its people that adhering to the right of return as an ideology would torpedo any hopes for a negotiated settlement with Israel. Israelis must feel certain that their lives will not again be placed in jeopardy by terrorism. Israel will not tolerate terror against any Israelis. And terrorism is also a threat on the authority of the Palestinian leadership. The writer is president of the Peres Center for Peace.

2007-11-14 01:00:00

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