Palestinian State Would Not Join International Criminal Court to Avoid Exposing Palestinians to Prosecution

(Israel Radio-IMRA) Robbie Sabel - Prof. Robbie Sabel, former legal adviser to the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was asked by Israel Radio on Sunday if a Palestinian state would join the International Criminal Court. He responded: "Doubtful. Because the moment a state joins, assume Palestine joins, this means that every Palestinian citizen who carries out a war crime in the future may expect to be subject to the authority of the court." "For this reason, by the way, Lebanon didn't join, Syria didn't join, Egypt didn't join, nor Saudi Arabia. Why? Because they don't want their citizens to be subject to it." "Since shooting at civilians is considered a war crime, I don't assume that the Hamas partner of the PA would be so happy with joining the Court."

2011-09-26 00:00:00

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