In Rafah, Tunnels are Booby Traps

(Jerusalem Post) Margot Dudkevitch - "My main concern is the booby-trapped tunnels," said Lt.-Col. Adam, commander of the Givati Brigade's Rotem Battalion in the narrow Israeli-controlled border strip between the PA-controlled town of Rafah in Gaza and Egypt. A few weeks ago, a tunnel packed with 1,000 kg. of explosives was detonated next to the Hirdon military post. While none of the soldiers were wounded, the force of the blast threw heavy generators into the air. Lt.-Col. Adam denied Palestinian and foreign media reports on recent IDF operations in Rafah, which claimed more than 30 houses were demolished. "I can definitely say that none of the demolished buildings were inhabited, and claims that we shot a woman in a yard are also baseless....We are not cold-blooded killers and operate within clear-cut regulations," he said. "Sniper fire, anti-tank rockets are fired at us daily....In an hour, soldiers here have to deal with situations that other battalions deployed elsewhere rarely confront in a week."

2004-01-27 00:00:00

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