Hamas, Not the West, Is Behind the Gaza Bloodshed

[Telegraph-UK] Editorial - Those who claim to have the Palestinians' best interests at heart insist the violence is the result of the refusal of Israel and its supporters - i.e., America - to negotiate with the democratically elected Hamas government. But this argument is as dangerous as it is specious. America and Israel have very sound reasons for not engaging in any form of dialogue with Hamas. Not only does Hamas remain committed to the destruction of the Jewish state, but it also steadfastly refuses to renounce violence as a means of achieving its political objectives. Hamas has certainly demonstrated its capacity for indulging in acts of extreme violence during the latest fighting, where captured Fatah gunmen are immediately shot. Not only does Hamas reject Israel's right to exist, but also the existence of any Palestinian who dares object to its radical Islamic agenda. Rather than engaging in dialogue, the West needs to intensify its efforts to prevent Hamas succeeding in its attempts to establish a theocracy in the Palestinian territories. Hamas derives most of its funding from Iran. A more effective blockade of Hamas' Gazan stronghold, one that prevents Teheran from fanning the flames of religious extremism in the Palestinian territories, would be a good start.

2007-06-14 01:00:00

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