Turkey's Need for Israel's UAVs May Rehabilitate their Relationship

(Ha'aretz) Zvi Bar'el - Turkey censured Israel for its activities in Gaza, but operates in a similar manner against the Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK): It penetrates Iraq's air space and bombs villages or sites suspected of housing PKK members, causing the deaths of innocent people, including women and children. According to Turkish sources, the Turkish army is using unmanned aerial vehicles acquired from Israel, to which Turkish-made cameras are attached. It turns out that the amount of UAV's in Turkey's hands is insufficient, and it is seeking to purchase more, along with other military equipment, for immediate delivery. A senior Turkish source told Ha'aretz that it is possible that "the war against the PKK may actually be the factor that rehabilitates relations between Turkey and Israel. Turkey needs the UAV's and Israel is likely to be a good source."

2011-08-31 00:00:00

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