After Arab Revolts, Reigns of Uncertainty

(New York Times) Anthony Shadid - No uprising is alike, but Libya's complexities echo in the revolts in Bahrain, Syria and, most of all, Yemen, suggesting that the prolonged transition of Arab countries to a new order may prove as tumultuous to the region as Egypt's moment was stirring. Unlike at the start of the year, when the revolutionary momentum seemed unstoppable, uncertainty is far more pronounced today, as several countries face the prospect of stalemate, sustained conflict or power vacuums that may render them ungovernable. Iran's revolution a generation ago was followed by a grinding war with Iraq, the birth of Hizbullah in Lebanon and the politicization of Shiite Muslims across the Persian Gulf. The Arab world is now embroiled in three revolutions (Tunisia, Egypt, Libya) and three full-fledged revolts (Syria, Yemen, Bahrain).

2011-08-25 00:00:00

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