SAS, British Special Forces Leads Hunt for Gaddafi

(Telegraph - UK) Thomas Harding - For the first time, British defense sources have confirmed that the SAS has been in Libya for several weeks, and played a key role in coordinating the fall of Tripoli. With the majority of the capital now in rebel hands, the SAS soldiers, who have been dressed in Arab civilian clothing and carrying the same weapons as the rebels, have been ordered to switch their focus to the search for Gaddafi, who has been on the run since his fortified headquarters was captured on Tuesday. With pro-Gaddafi forces putting up stubborn resistance in Tripoli and in loyalist towns including Sirte, the National Transitional Council and its NATO allies made urgent appeals for the swift capture of the former leader and his family. NATO has ordered all available surveillance aircraft, including British spy planes, to focus on tracking Gaddafi.

2011-08-25 00:00:00

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