The Crazy World of Colonel Gadhafi

[New York Sun] Youssef Ibrahim - In the mid-1980s, I had an eight-hour session with Colonel Muammar Gadhafi that began at midnight. It essentially consisted of an uninterrupted monologue about his theories on human evolution, relations between males and females, and his belief that Shakespeare was an Arab Bedouin whose original name was Sheik Zubair. (No kidding.) A few years ago, Colonel Gadhafi's daughter famously declared that she was quitting the Sorbonne in Paris because she said political science was a fake Western invention to exploit the world. His sons, who hold the right of life and death over Libya's population, barely completed middle school. The great leader himself is so heavily medicated that his conversations are fittingly out of this world. Libya ranks as an ongoing nut case. It was let out of a straightjacket of sanctions a few years ago in return for turning over its security files on the wide variety of terror groups it supported. If anything, the Bulgarian hostage situation demonstrates that a family of unstable thugs has hijacked Libya. Treating Libya as if it were a real country, meriting two visits in the past few weeks from Britain's former prime minister, Tony Blair, and President Sarkozy of France, is simply absurd.

2007-08-14 01:00:00

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