Can Technology Defeat "Low-Tech" Terrorism?

(Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies/Tel Aviv University) Uzi Eilam - There is no single technology, no single group of people, and no single line of defense that will supply a comprehensive answer to the threat of terrorism. Instead, it is necessary to construct "layers of defense." Layers of defense around air travel, for example, will include biometrics to confirm the identity of travelers and means of fortifying the cockpits and arming the pilots. They will also address the threat to civil aviation of shoulder-fired missiles and will develop new technologies and systems for perimeter defense for the airports. All in all, technology can play an important role in the construction of a comprehensive defense against the threat of terror. But international cooperation in this area - in the form of an integrated, coordinated worldwide effort - is crucial.

2004-01-06 00:00:00

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