Reining in Iran

(Los Angeles Times) Bill Frist - For years, the U.S. has maintained sanctions on Iran that prohibit most trade, investment and assistance. And because Iran is on our list of state sponsors of terrorism, U.S. law requires the president to oppose all multilateral assistance to Iran in international forums and impose sanctions on those who aid its weapons programs or invest in its energy sector. Now, we should persuade other countries to follow our lead. Although we should continue IAEA discussions with Iran - a process that has given us insights into its nuclear program - we need to ask allies who trade with Iran to join a sanctions campaign against Tehran. A multinational sanctions regime might begin with an embargo on technologies that Iran can use in its nuclear program. If we let Tehran develop nuclear weapons covertly while IAEA negotiations slog forward, Iran's theocrats will have little reason to negotiate with anyone. The writer is Senate majority leader.

2005-12-26 00:00:00

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