Murderous Hamas Cell in Hebron

(Ha'aretz) Amos Harel - Last week Yossi Shok, a resident of Beit Haggai, was killed in the Hebron area. Shok, the father of five, picked up two sisters, girls from his settlement, on his way home. A car overtook them just one kilometer from home and a hail of deadly gunfire hit Shok and the girls. The lives of the two hitchhikers were saved thanks to a toolbox that stopped the terrorists' bullets. Within seconds, the murderers turned onto a dirt road that leads to one of the nearby Palestinian villages. The murderous Hamas cell in Hebron had struck again. This cell has been operating in the area for more than half a year. Traditionally in this area, the quality of intelligence has been problematic. The Islamic Jihad and Hamas networks that operate in the town and its environs maintain strict compartmentalization, and rely on a clan structure - a brother, a cousin, at most a neighbor. It is difficult to penetrate them. The target is always easy: a group of children at a hitchhiking post near a settlement or an unarmored civilian car in which the only person bearing arms inside will not be able to react before he is hit. In this way six Israeli civilians have been killed, three of them children, in three shooting attacks.

2005-12-23 00:00:00

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