Jordanian Terror War to Include Reforms

(AP/NorthJersey) Jordan's new prime minister vowed Wednesday to wage a "preemptive" war against Islamic extremists, saying his government planned to fight terrorism by reforming religious teaching and granting greater freedom. Speaking to Parliament, Marouf al-Bakhit said the suicide bombers who killed 60 people in three hotels on Nov. 9 "only made us more determined to move forward in our preemptive war against terrorism and the 'takfiri' culture." "Takfiri" is the ideology of militants who regard their Muslim opponents as infidels. When King Abdullah chose al-Bakhit to be prime minister last month, he instructed him to launch an all-out war against Islamic militancy while vigorously pursuing political and economic reforms.

2005-12-15 00:00:00

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