You'll Never Guess Who's to Blame for 7/7

(Times-UK) Dean Godson - I don't know what effect some of the Muslim "moderates" have on the Islamist "radicals" - but, as the Duke of Wellington might have said, by G-d they frighten me. The unerring instinct of the government in picking many of the wrong partners within the Muslim community finds its apotheosis in the recent report of the Home Office, "Preventing Extremism Together." As might have been expected from a panel on which the most reactionary strains of Islam, such as Wahhabism and Salafism, were highly over-represented - as well as one member who believes that there is a plot between Freemasons and Jews to run the world - the panel came up with some pretty reactionary conclusions. The concerns of the majority of British Muslims, including theological moderates such as the main Sufi orders, were underplayed.

2005-12-15 00:00:00

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