Why is Little Israel Being Left to Fight the World's War?

(National Review) Saul Singer - * What a perfect arrangement: The only country that every country has a right to condemn can be relied upon to do the world's dirty work. This is the underlying mindset as the West contemplates a nuclear Iran. When push comes to shove, the Israeli air force will take care of the problem, so the world can go into spasms of righteous indignation while enjoying the fireworks. * Everyone has in mind the 1981 Osirak operation, where Israel dealt a fatal blow to Saddam Hussein's dreams of mass destruction by destroying his nuclear reactor. But the Iranians are not idiots, and they have taken into account the possibility of an Israeli air strike in designing their program. * Why is little Israel being left to fight the world's war? The real answer is that the enlightened post-modern European refusal to lift a finger - let alone a gun - to defend itself is consigning us all to a dark age of terrorism and war. * How much terrorism does a state have to sponsor, how many member states does it have to threaten with destruction, and how far does it have to get in obtaining the ultimate means to carry out such threats before the collective obligations of free nations under the UN Charter are remembered? * We are not your hired hitmen; don't depend on us to save you. Take your beloved international law seriously and throw the book at Iran. It may not be too late, with common will, to force Iran to back down without firing a shot. And if it is too late for peaceful means, that shot should be fired together, legally, in the name of international peace and security.

2005-12-13 00:00:00

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