Terrorists in Suits and Ties

(Montreal Gazette) Gil Troy - When a terrorist organization decides to enter the political arena, does it automatically become legitimate? The truth is that terrorists by definition have entered the political arena from the start because terrorism is violence with a political agenda. Without the political context, bombing, kidnapping, and shooting are simply crimes. Terrorism, like war, is politics by other means. The Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas, which has long confused Westerners by distributing free food to Palestinians while merrily slaughtering Israelis, is building up to Palestinian elections slated for January. Western diplomats are now pressuring Israel to accept representatives of an organization committed to its destruction, as long as they are democratically elected. Democracy requires more than periodic elections. It demands the rule of law, respect for others, basic rights for all. An organization that commits mass-murder with no compunction cannot wipe out its crimes by winning some votes. The writer teaches history at McGill University.

2005-11-29 00:00:00

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