U.S. Report: North Korea Gave Arms and Training to Hizbullah

[Reuters] Arshad Mohammed - North Korea may have given arms and possibly training to Lebanon's Hizbullah, according to a study by the Congressional Research Service. In September 2006, Paris Intelligence Online, a French Internet publication that specializes in political and economic intelligence, published details of an extensive North Korean program to give arms and training to Hizbullah. The French publication said the program began in the 1980s with visits by Hizbullah members to North Korea for training and expanded after 2000 with the dispatch of North Koreans to Lebanon to train Hizbullah members how to build underground bunkers to store arms, food and medical facilities. This training "significantly improved Hizbullah's ability to fight the Israelis" during the 2006 war. The CRS also cited a report by South Korean academic Moon Chung-in that the Israeli Mossad intelligence agency believed that "vital missile components" used by Hizbullah against Israel came from North Korea.

2007-12-13 01:00:00

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