Israel Emerges as the Go-To Country for Anti-Terrorism Technologies

(Forbes) Susan Karlin - Israel, by necessity, has become the hotbed for counterterrorism research. Innovating well out of proportion to its size, Israel has spawned companies selling guns that shoot around corners, software that translates dog barks into English-language warnings, and lasers that can detect explosives from 100 feet away. Working their way through labs now are intelligent robotic cameras, and nanolasers and nuclear resonance imagers to detect chemical and bioweapons. "Much of the homeland security technology in the U.S. is 20 years old. It is unsuitable because the nature of the threat has changed," says Dan Inbar, the Israeli founder of the Homeland Security Research Corp., a Washington, D.C. consultancy. Israeli exports of homeland security equipment will hit $300 million this year, up 22% per year since 2002, estimates Inbar. The global trade in antiterror gear and consulting services is expected to grow from $46 billion to $178 billion by 2015.(The U.S. accounts for half.)

2005-11-24 00:00:00

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