Deadly "Stability"

(New York Post) Ralph Peters - Bashar Assad and his family mafia murdered Lebanon's prime minister. Then, forced to withdraw Syrian troops, they began a bombing campaign to destabilize a country that voted for freedom. The Assad regime harbors die-hards from Saddam's murder machine and vigorously supports the Sunni-Arab insurgency in western Iraq. Assad & Co. turn a blind eye to the use of Syrian territory to launch international Islamist terrorists into Iraq. Syria's Baathist thugs continue to support terrorists who attack Israeli civilians and who are determined to prevent the rise of a rule-of-law state among Palestinians. The collapse of the Assad regime would destabilize the Middle East? Exactly which stability are we talking about? We shouldn't fear the end of Assad's regime. It's pure good news.

2005-11-15 00:00:00

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