There Should Have Been a Preventive Strike Against Hizbullah

[Ha'aretz] Ze'ev Schiff - Over the years, a threatening Hizbullah-Iran-Syria military system was established next to Israel's northern border, which required an early preventive strike. Israeli avoidance of a preventive strike finally led to the war in 2006. Israel did not try to stop the transfer of Iranian weapons to Damascus, a move the Americans implied they would accept with understanding. Israel never once struck at the convoys transferring the missiles to Lebanon, and never struck even one Hizbullah missile warehouse, or even the short-range rockets near the border. It is a serious mistake to think that refraining from a reaction to the kidnapping of the soldiers in July would have spared us a war. The war would have arrived later, after greater incitement on the part of Hizbullah and Iran.

2007-04-13 01:00:00

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