Jordanian Security Forces Arrest Iraqi Woman in Bombings

(New York Times) Hassan M. Fattah - Jordanian security officials Sunday announced the arrest of an Iraqi woman alleged to be part of the suicide bomber team in last week's attacks on three hotels in Amman. In a taped confession aired on Jordanian state-run television, Sajida Mubarak al-Rishawi, 35, said she was meant to be the fourth bomber. Rishawi said she and her husband, Ali Hussein Ali Shumari, left Ramadi, in the western province of Al Anbar in Iraq, for Jordan on Nov. 5 with their devices. Rishawi is the sister of Samir Mubarak al-Rishawi, a senior aide to Zarqawi. Jordanian security officials say they have foiled at least 150 planned attacks by Zarqawi's group since April 2004 - and another 10 this year alone.

2005-11-11 00:00:00

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