The Bombings in Jordan: The Start of Zarqawi's Spreading Terror Beyond Iraq?

(TIME) Bill Powell - Maj.-Gen. Rick Lynch, a coalition spokesman in Baghdad, said the Amman bombings are "an indication of al-Qaeda in Iraq spreading across the region." The western portion of Iraq is infused with insurgents, and the border with Jordan is relatively porous. "When al-Zarqawi sent operatives from Afghanistan, his rate of success in infiltrating them into Jordan was 10% to 15%," says a Jordanian security official. "Now it is much easier: with a fake passport, you cross the border, and the same day you are in Amman." Jordan's security officials estimate that more than 500 Jordanians have been arrested for links with al-Zarqawi's organization. A security official says al-Zarqawi's recruiters operate throughout Jordan.

2005-11-11 00:00:00

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