Good Jihad, Bad Jihad: Struggle for Arab Minds

(New York Times) Hassan M. Fattah - At least two groundbreaking television series focus on the damage that extremism is wreaking on the Muslim world. "It is the first time in Arab drama that you see people who believe in the Koran and faith doing bad," said Ali al-Ahmed, director of Abu Dhabi TV. "The Rough Road," tells the story of a fictional television correspondent producing a documentary about mujahedeen in Afghanistan, only to discover corruption and opportunism in their cause. "The Beautiful Virgins," produced in Syria, traces the lives of victims and attackers in a militant attack on an expatriate compound in Saudi Arabia in 2004 that left 17 people dead, emphasizing the viciousness and corruption of al-Qaeda.

2005-10-28 00:00:00

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