Why the UN Can't Fix Syria

(New York Post) Amir Taheri - Political murder has been routinely practiced under the Ba'ath regime since its inception in the 1960s. Thus the trouble with Syria is not this single case of political assassination, but a whole edifice built on violence, terror and repression. As long as that edifice is unchanged, we cannot be sure that there will be no more political killings of this kind. Even if Hariri's killers are brought to justice, the basic situation that led to his murder wouldn't change. The thousands of Syrian secret agents in Lebanon, along with dozens of Lebanese politicians who have worked for Syria, sometimes for generations, would stick around until things cool down. Syria would continue ferrying guns to Hizballah and keep its borders open for terrorists to go to Iraq as they please. Suppose the UN imposes sanctions on Syria. The Islamic Republic in Iran has lived with sanctions since 1979, as has Cuba since 1960. Saddam wasn't toppled by sanctions but by a military juggernaut. The Mehlis mission is a side-show that could help fudge the real issue - the urgent need for changes in the nature of the Syrian regime.

2005-10-27 00:00:00

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