Geostrategist Sees "Another 100 Years of Terrorism Ahead"

[Jerusalem Post] Ruthie Blum - According to Haifa University geostrategist Arnon Soffer, who serves as head of research at the IDF National Defense College, "We are living in a 100-year period of terrorism, and we have another 100 years of terrorism ahead of us. We will forever be forced to live by the sword. We are not wanted in the Middle East....No Palestinian wants us here. No Muslim wants us here. No Arab wants us here." "I live with the sense that one day we will wake up to the news of a coup in Jordan and Egypt. And woe is the day when insane Islam takes over those two countries." Soffer sees Iran as "weak and vulnerable." "Two missiles on the Iranian islands of Karaj and Siri, and Iran's entire oil revenue drops from $60 billion to zero."

2007-10-12 01:00:00

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