Hold Palestinians Accountable

(Jerusalem Post) Editorial - Is the idea of sparing a former place of worship of another religion so foreign that it cannot even be asked for, let alone expected? The real source of Muslim rage is the reigning intolerant interpretation of Islam. This has been reflected in a "what's mine is mine, what's yours is mine" approach that we see dominates Palestinian thinking. It goes without saying that no Jew, building, or grave must remain in Gaza, as much as it does that Israel must treat its own million-strong Arab minority with utmost respect. Yet if there is ever going to be peace between Arabs and Israelis, not to mention an end to the wider jihad against America, such attitudes must be broken. Far from criticizing Israel from having the temerity to hope that Palestinians might spare a synagogue, the U.S. should be vocally rejecting the rampant intolerance in the Muslim world for non-Muslim power, freedom, and rights. Now is not the time for evenhandedness, but for holding the Palestinians accountable for their actions.

2005-09-16 00:00:00

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