Will Anarchy or Order Prevail in Gaza?

Yevgeny Satanovsky (Novosti-Russia) - * For the last decade, the Palestinian Authority exercised administrative authority over the areas of the Gaza Strip outside the limits of the Israeli settlements. During that time, the standard of living of the population fell drastically; the social structure disintegrated; Palestinian businessmen, including practically all the Christians, left Gaza, and militants took their place. There is no centralized authority in Gaza and violence is rampant. Over 700 armed formations obey only their own leaders or the dictate of stronger brethren. Both the head of the PA, Abu Mazen, and the veterans of the Fatah movement, have only an ephemeral influence in Gaza. * Palestinian Gaza has descended into lawlessness and anarchy. Egypt is prepared to establish control over the border of the Gaza Strip in order to prevent the Islamic fundamentalists in Gaza from supporting the terrorists who have become more active on the Sinai Peninsula. However, Egypt will not interfere in the situation within Gaza. * Few people doubt that the additional billons of dollars given by the international community for the development of the Gaza Strip will meet the same fate as money previously given to the PA: it will vanish into thin air, without solving a single problem. The same applies to the property left by the Israelis. * The fight against Israel will continue even if the Israelis also leave the West Bank or eastern Jerusalem. Israel's opponents see the pullout from Gaza, just like Israel's previous withdrawal from Lebanon, not as a gesture of goodwill or a basis for talks, but as a sign of weakness, that only provokes further attacks. The leaders of Islamic terrorist organizations are certain that it is they who are defeating Israel, and seek to capitalize on Israel's perceived weakness. Gaza and indeed Palestine as a whole threaten the security of their neighbors and the rest of the world. The writer is president of the Institute of the Middle East in Moscow.

2005-08-25 00:00:00

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