The Brotherhood "Crescent"

(Asharq al-Awsat-Mideast Mirror-1Jun11) Mishari al-Dhaidi - The era of Arab uprisings may be witnessing the birth of a Sunni Muslim Brotherhood Crescent, stretching from Yemen to Syria, via Egypt and Jordan. The leading Arab ally of Khomeini's Iran was and remains the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is the best-organized party and the main beneficiary of the shaking trees of the ruling regimes. It is picking the fruit that has scattered on the ground. In Egypt, the Brotherhood is the strongest player in the political arena. It is in a semi-coalition with the military. Its wishes are met. If 'Ali 'Abdullah Saleh falls in Yemen, the alternative will be the Muslim Brotherhood via their party, the Yemeni Grouping for Reform (YGR). In Jordan, the Muslim Brotherhood are the main players in the political opposition, able to incite the street and exhaust the regime. In Syria, there is no ready alternative except the Muslim Brotherhood. We are at the beginning of an era replete with Muslim Brotherhood movements.

2011-06-03 00:00:00

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