Abbas and the Rejectionists

(Washington Times) Editorial - Mahmoud Abbas must decide whether he is prepared to confront the terrorists or emulate Arafat's approach of facilitating terror. Now its time for Mr. Abbas to go beyond rhetoric and deal severely with the terrorists who operate out of PA territory. There is no substitute for doing what Mr. Abbas (or, for that matter, some future Palestinian leader) will eventually need to do. That means killing or capturing the terrorists from Palestinian Islamic Jihad as well as Hamas operatives who fire Kassam rockets at Israeli villages. It means taking action to prevent mosques and charitable institutions from raising money to finance a new generation of suicide bombers. It means ending the weapons smuggling from Egypt into Gaza. It also means dealing with the gangsters in his own Fatah movement and Palestinian security forces that are supposed to be under his command.

2005-08-16 00:00:00

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