General Sharon's Last Great Battle

(Der Spiegel-Germany/New York Times) Annette Grossbongardt - Diplomatically speaking, the withdrawal has already been a great success. Internationally, Israel is suddenly no longer being criticized as an incorrigible occupation power, but is instead being praised for its good will. Even vocal critics like French President Chirac are suddenly posing for photo ops with Sharon and praising the Gaza plan as a "courageous decision." Seen in military terms, Sharon is currently reducing the size of the front, withdrawing the settlers from an area he already believes is lost. The price of defending a few thousand Israelis in a sea of 1.4 million Palestinians has become too high. "The withdrawal will improve Israel's security - and stabilize the political situation," Sharon explains. Sharon's friend, President Bush, guaranteed that the large settlements in the West Bank would remain in place. A return to the borders of 1967 will not happen under Sharon. "Jerusalem," Sharon says, categorically, "will never be divided again."

2005-08-12 00:00:00

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