Palestinians Must Face Up to Their Responsibilities

(International Herald Tribune) E. Robert Goodkind - Israel's landmark decision to leave Gaza and transfer control to the Palestinian Authority is a bold reaffirmation of its unwavering commitment to peace and could make a substantial contribution to bolstering Israeli-Palestinian relations. Concerns about what will happen in Gaza the day after Israel leaves are well placed. In the weeks leading up to this seminal moment, Islamic Jihad carried out a terrorist bombing in the Israeli coastal town of Netanya, and Hamas launched more than 100 rockets from Gaza into Israel. There is no guarantee that the terrorist groups will be quiet for the rest of this month or that they will desist after Israel leaves. After all, they seek the wholesale destruction of Israel, and make no secret of it. The PA has done precious little to prepare its people for the historic transfer of authority over Gaza, to convey the message that this is a watershed opportunity for the Palestinian people. Essential to making the Israeli-Palestinian peace process a success for both sides will be concrete actions to end terrorism against Israel. That was the first step required in the road map. The writer is president of the American Jewish Committee.

2005-08-12 00:00:00

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