We Cannot Hold Israel Responsible

(Dar Al-Hayat-Lebanon) Jihad El Khazen - Mohammed Dahlan, the Palestinian minister responsible for the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, sees no political future for suicide operations or rocket attacks, and says that Israel will respond to activities by Hamas and Islamic Jihad by hitting the PA. There is a promise by the G8 to provide $3 billion and there are other commitments. However, this assistance is tied to calm. The Americans want Abu Mazen to prevent "acts of violence" against Israel and disarm the Islamic factions. David Walsh, the head of the Middle East section at the U.S. State Department, added a new demand last week, namely trying in court those suspected of engaging in violence against Israel. Yet Abu Mazen remains unable to bring to trial individuals accused of corruption, and the security situation in Palestinian towns has not improved since his election. There are armed gangs that have no relation to politics. Armed individuals fire at police stations, PA centers, and the homes of senior officials. These are all matters for which we cannot hold Israel responsible.

2005-07-26 00:00:00

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