U.S. Troops Raid Iranian Targets in Iraq

[Washington Post] Robin Wright and Nancy Trejos - U.S. troops launched two raids on Iranian targets in Irbil, a Kurdish city in northern Iraq, on Thursday, following through on President Bush's vow to confront and break up Tehran's networks inside Iraq. Six Iranians were detained, and vast amounts of documents and computer data were confiscated. The U.S. is trying to identify and detain top officials of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards' al-Quds Brigade operating in Iraq. The al-Quds Brigade is active in arming, training, and funding militant movements, such as Lebanon's Hizbullah, throughout the Middle East. While the public focus is on Iraq, the administration is now spending as much time on plans to contain Iran as on a strategy to end Iraq's violence, U.S. officials said. Marine Gen. Peter Pace, the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, said Thursday, "We will do all we need to do to defend our troops in Iraq by going after the entire network regardless of where those people come from."

2007-01-12 01:00:00

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