Ending the Saudi Double Game

(FrontPageMagazine) Robert Spencer - When American soldiers raided jihadist hideouts in northeastern Iraq this week, they found a number of foreign passports, including two from Saudi Arabia. Several weeks ago the Syrians arrested 300 Saudis before they could cross into Iraq and join the jihad against America. The Saudis have been playing a double game since 9/11, maintaining their alliance with the U.S. while aiding the jihad worldwide; now sponsors of the Saudi Arabia Accountability Act are trying to put a stop to the duplicity. The Saudis are not only financing terrorist groups, but they are also aggressively spreading the jihad ideology that fuels terrorism. And they're doing so right in the U.S. Jihadist sentiment, fueled by the most outlandish conspiracy-theory paranoia, permeates Saudi society. Jews aren't even allowed into Saudi Arabia, but Christians are - as long as they do not bring with them any physical evidence of their faith (Bibles, crosses) and do not observe it while in the Kingdom.

2005-06-24 00:00:00

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