Sharon to Abbas: Islamic Jihad Endangers You

(Maariv-Hebrew) Eliel Shachar - Sharon told Abbas at their meeting: "The situation as it is today cannot continue. We will have to act to stop the terror. Under the current situation, the chance of progress on the political front is slim. I am informing you that we will act against Islamic Jihad with full force. Islamic Jihad also endangers you, and if the situation continues, you will miss the opportunity." Referring to the young Palestinian woman suicide bomber caught at the Gaza border crossing Monday, Sharon said to Abbas: "This is a human tragedy, to see this scarred young woman [burned in a cooking accident] seek to attack those who treated her. I don't want to act in your place, but the terror is the central threat to the political process. We can't ease conditions or offer aid while the terror continues. You have to stop the terror immediately."

2005-06-22 00:00:00

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