Sharon to Abbas: First End the Violence

(Ha'aretz) Akiva Eldar and Amos Harel - At Tuesday afternoon's meeting between Prime Minister Sharon and PA Chairman Abbas, Sharon intended to tell Abbas that he was deeply concerned by what the defense establishment terms the PA's "inaction" in the face of the escalating violence, sources in the Prime Minister's Office said Monday. The sources said Sharon will demand that Abbas present a detailed plan for how the PA security services intend to prevent attacks on soldiers and settlers during Israel's withdrawal from Gaza in August. He will also warn Abbas that he will order the IDF to use every means necessary to prevent attacks on Israeli targets during and after the disengagement. Sharon will tell Abbas that now is not the time to discuss diplomatic moves to follow disengagement, and that the next step will depend entirely on the success of the PA's efforts to end the violence. Sharon will demand that Abbas confiscate weapons from the terrorist organizations and prevent the launching of Kassam rockets into southern Israel and the Gaza settlements. Meanwhile, until the PA begins taking action against the terrorist organizations, the Israel Defense Forces plans to step up operations against Islamic Jihad, perpetrator of most of the recent attacks.

2005-06-21 00:00:00

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