Islamic Jihad Leader Killed in Jenin

(Israel Defense Forces) On Tuesday, Maruh Kamil, one of the most senior Islamic Jihad operatives in the Jenin area, was killed after he opened fire and threw a hand grenade at the IDF force that came to arrest him. An IDF officer was lightly wounded in the shooting. Kamil, 27, a resident of Kabatiya, was planning to carry out a suicide terror attack in the heart of Israel. Kamil had been imprisoned in the PA prison in Jericho for several months, then escaped in May 2004. Kamil maintained direct contact with Islamic Jihad headquarters abroad and was responsible for distributing funds and weaponry to terrorists in the northern West Bank and Jenin. He was personally responsible for directing Islamic Jihad terror attacks against Israeli targets. After the declaration of calm, Kamil personally carried out a shooting attack in April 2005 in the Jenin area, wounding an IDF soldier.

2005-06-08 00:00:00

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