Hamas Blackmail

(Al-Ahram-Egypt) Samir Ghattas - Hamas has no right to threaten a resumption of military activities if elections for the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) are not held on 17 July, as scheduled. It is irrational. Legislative elections are a domestic Palestinian affair. The state of calm is a Palestinian-Israeli issue. There is no logical connection between the two. But it is easy to understand why Hamas is irked over talk of postponement. Having won 65% of the vote in municipal elections in Gaza, Hamas wants to contest the PLC elections as soon as possible. Hamas is not acting reasonably. Some people within Hamas have made a habit of embarrassing the PA through military operations against Israel. The same people are now threatening to break the state of calm with Israel if the PLC elections are delayed. Political differences should be resolved through dialogue, not blackmail. The writer is director of the Maqdis Centre for Political Studies in Gaza.

2005-05-27 00:00:00

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