Get Ready for the Hamas State

(Jerusalem Post) Uri Dan - Everyone is participating in a big game of make-believe. Bush talked about the chances of success of the peace negotiations with Abu Mazen in Washington, because he wants to give the road map a real chance in a final attempt to stop Hamas. Egyptian President Mubarak talks about peace but makes no efforts to halt arms smuggling because he is the patron of Hamas, just as Iran is the boss of Hizballah. Using Hamas, Mubarak wishes to pressure Israel into modifying the peace agreement, canceling the demilitarization of the Sinai Desert, and thus permitting the deployment of thousands of Egyptian soldiers along the border with Israel. Prime Minister Sharon, aware of this dangerous situation, last Tuesday told the AIPAC conference in Washington: "Until now terrorist activities have not ceased. The smuggling of weapons and arms production continues and there is no real prevention of terrorist actions." Sharon apparently realizes that under the current political conditions Israel has no alternative but to join in the make-believe "peace process" game. The major difference between Sharon and his predecessors is that he is aware that the Israeli finger must be ready on the trigger when Hamas's arsenal in Gaza explodes.

2005-05-30 00:00:00

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