An Agenda to Win Back Moderate Islam - Interview with King Abdullah of Jordan

(Washington Post) Lally Weymouth - "I think at the end of the day Iraq will succeed and stand on its own two feet and be independent and completely capable....The turning point was the elections on January 30....All the different sectors of Iraqi society are beginning to reach out to each other." "President Bush actually triggered reform in that it became a subject for debate, which it wasn't as of two years ago. If you look at the Palestinian and Iraqi elections in January, both of which I think were largely successful, I think that set the tone. Whenever you have successful elections and signs of democracy moving in the right way in the Middle East, it creates a positive energy that makes countries move faster." "The Amman message says the taking of lives of innocent people, hatred, anger, and suspicion against your fellow man have nothing to do with Islam. Winning the Muslim street back is not a 5-, 10-, or 15-year process. You have to reverse wrong education that has been used in the madrassas and other institutions that taught in the name of Islam you could kill your fellow man."

2005-05-23 00:00:00

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