"Terror is On Hold"

(UPI/Washington Times) Joshua Brilliant - "I don't think they [the PA] have the motivation or the legitimacy to move against Palestinian militants," an Israeli military official said Tuesday. He noted Israel had given the Palestinian security forces the names of militants involved in February's suicide bombing of a Tel Aviv nightclub in which five people were killed. The Palestinians arrested the men, locked them up in Tulkarm, but after several days "they had enough and got out." If the Palestinians take a terrorist who killed an Israeli and who has not renounced terror, make him a postal worker and let him keep his gun, "this is not what we call taking a person off the wanted list," the military source insisted. He estimated a third of the 400 people on the "wanted list" are now "on hold," having received jobs with the Palestinian security forces. Another third are negotiating an arrangement. "Terror is on hold," though militants are preparing for a resumption of attacks, the military source said. According to the army, there were 80 roadblocks and checkpoints in the West Bank on April 1, compared with 180 in January 2004.

2005-05-11 00:00:00

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