Prime Minister Sharon Meets U.S. Senate Leaders in Jerusalem

(Prime Minister's Office) Prime Minister Ariel Sharon met Monday with U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) and Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) in Jerusalem. Sharon told the senators: Since the election of Abu Mazen, a long series of steps has been taken to help him in establishing and stabilizing his rule and win the support of the Palestinian street. Israel has done this out of the sense that with Abu Mazen it is possible to make progress. Despite this, terrorism has not ceased. Prime Minister Sharon believes that Abu Mazen's path is incorrect and contravenes the Roadmap. Instead of disbanding the terrorist organizations, he is acting to strengthen them. He is not willing to fight them and is similarly unwilling to disband their infrastructures. While Abu Mazen is taking steps to maintain the quiet, he is completely avoiding taking significant steps to fight the terrorist organizations. Israel wants to coordinate the Disengagement Plan with the Palestinians and make certain that the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip is coordinated, without terrorism, and that Israeli property is transferred to the responsibility of the PA, which would use it to serve the welfare of the Palestinian population. Vice Premier Shimon Peres has been charged with the responsibility of raising funds in order to assist Palestinian economic recovery after the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza. Hizballah continues to pose a threat and cause instability on the Israeli-Lebanese border. Hizballah is also strengthening its presence in the Gaza Strip and among Israeli Arabs, and is encouraging acts of terrorism inside Israel in order to end the "calm" and torpedo the diplomatic process. It is also training and financing Palestinian terrorist organizations, mainly Fatah elements, and there are plans to kidnap Israeli soldiers. The most effective way of dealing with Iran is to create a united international coalition and move the issue to the UN Security Council. Economic and social sanctions should be placed on Iran. If steps are not taken soon, Iran will possess nuclear weapons.

2005-05-03 00:00:00

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