Syrian Troops Out of Lebanon, But U.S. Doesn't Trust Assad

(Ha'aretz) Nathan Guttman - The Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon is far from satisfying the U.S. For Washington, Syria's Assad remains a problematic and dangerous leader. The U.S. charges that Syria is allowing Iraqi rebels into its territory and allows rebel leaders to use Damascus as a base. The U.S. demands that Syria stop helping Hizballah, prevent any transfer of Iranian weapons through Syria to Hizballah, and shut down the offices of the Palestinian terror groups operating in Damascus. For the U.S. administration, Assad at best is unreliable, and at worst is an incorrigible conniver who should not be engaged until he has met all the U.S. demands. The withdrawal from Lebanon only erases one article from the list of complaints.

2005-04-27 00:00:00

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