Prime Minister Reports to Israeli Cabinet on U.S.

Trip (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) - Prime Minister Sharon on Sunday briefed ministers on his recent visit to the U.S.: President Bush emphasized the U.S.'s commitment to Israel's security and that it should retain its Jewish character. He also reiterated his commitment to all the issues in his April 2004 letter including: Israel's right to self-defense. Commitment to the Roadmap, and all its stages, as the only diplomatic plan, and that any progress will be made according to it. The need for reform in the Palestinian Authority. The need for immediate and decisive Palestinian actions in the war on terrorism and the dismantling of terrorist infrastructure as a condition for progress on the Roadmap. President Bush reiterated his commitment to the U.S. position that in any future permanent settlement, all the major settlement blocs would remain part of the State of Israel. Israel's position is that the only diplomatic plan that exists is the Roadmap. After the necessary conditions are fulfilled for implementing it, with a genuine Palestinian war on terrorism being first and foremost, along with the dismantling of terrorist infrastructure and the implementation of comprehensive reforms, only then will we make progress on the Roadmap. The Americans reiterated that their position on the issue of settlements has not changed since the settlement enterprise began. We agreed that we would discuss this matter in the future. In addition to the Palestinian issue, other regional matters were raised including the Iranian nuclear threat, the withdrawal of Syrian forces from Lebanon, the situation in Lebanon after Syria's wi

2005-04-18 00:00:00

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