Human Rights, UN-Style

(Jerusalem Post) James S. Tisch - On Thursday and Friday the UN Commission on Human Rights will pass resolutions on human rights situations around the world. This body of 53 states will not reproach Iran, Saudi Arabia, China, or many other notorious violators of human rights. Genocidal Sudan may get slapped on the wrist. It is certain, though, that Israel will be condemned in five separate resolutions, four more than any other country. The United States and other democratic members of the commission object to the disproportionate and distorted treatment of the Arab-Israeli conflict, but are out-voted by a coalition that includes Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and two of the six "outposts of tyranny," Cuba and Zimbabwe. As a UN-appointed, independent panel reported in December, "The commission cannot be credible if it is seen to be maintaining double standards in addressing human rights concerns." Last month Secretary-General Kofi Annan proposed to disband the commission entirely and replace it with a Human Rights Council of states that "abide by the highest human rights standards."

2005-04-14 00:00:00

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