The U.S. and Saudi Arabia: The JDAM Smart Bomb Deal

[Maariv-Hebrew, 11Jun07] Ben Caspit - A harsh controversy between the Israeli and U.S. defense establishments has been transpiring over the U.S. decision to supply Saudi Arabia with smart satellite-guided bombs. The supply of these weapons to Saudi Arabia is being defined by the Israeli security establishment as "a real blow to Israel's qualitative military edge in the Middle East." Israel argues that there is an American commitment to safeguard that qualitative edge. Israeli involvement in developing the future Joint Strike Fighter with the U.S. is being held up because of Israeli objections to the smart bomb sale to the Saudis. Israeli officials argue that the weaponry being transferred to the Saudis could last decades and that the Saudi regime is not stable. They add that al-Qaeda has already penetrated the Saudi defense establishment.

2007-06-11 01:00:00

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