The Bud of a New Movement on Arab Streets

(Gulf News-Dubai) Youssef M. Ibrahim - The recent protests in Cairo and Beirut have been organized with the chant of a new Arab movement, "kifaya," Arabic for "enough." The word is fast becoming a mantra for millions of Arabs wanting to seize their own destiny. Whether they like or hate American policies in this region, many Arabs catch themselves quietly approving, indeed enjoying, the pressure Washington is exerting on their governments to democratize and cleanse their act. Around the Arab world nowadays, many will tell you: look here, starting with a messy invasion in Iraq, the Americans have delivered a few things, including ridding Iraqis of a bestial dictatorship, giving them a first taste of free elections and significant freedom of speech. Then, they might say: whether the intentions of President George W. Bush were either good or bad, the result seems a significant advance of the human, legal, and constitutional rights for 27 million Iraqis. It may be early days for Arab liberation to blossom, but hopefully all Arabs will remain tuned to Lebanese, Egyptian, and Iraqi scenes of people's power unfolding before our eyes.

2005-03-09 00:00:00

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