PA Chiefs Under Pressure to Act Against Terror

(Ha'aretz) Arnon Regular - Right after the Shin Bet security service received a warning on Wednesday morning that a suicide bomber was on his way to Jerusalem, many of the PA security chiefs in Ramallah began bombarding the Israelis with questions. The heads of the PA security forces are concerned that every attack could cost the job of the individual who could have prevented it. The new interior minister, General Nasser Yussuf, understands that there are at least eight active forces whose chiefs are enmeshed in a complex system of alliances that stymies progress toward controlling the situation. Yussuf has begun to deliver the first pink slips to officers whom he believes have not delivered the goods. He also has begun to transfer forces from one area to another in the hope that officers and men who are not related to each other or to members of local armed groups will be able to act against them.

2005-03-04 00:00:00

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