The Desire for War in Iran

(Dar Al Hayat) Abdullah Iskandar - For a very long time, the confrontation with Israel allowed Iran to vent out its strength through its allies. Now, however, it has become difficult for Tehran to use this outlet, considering that the main concern of Hamas - its ally in Gaza - is to consecrate the truce with Israel, not to engage in war with it, while Hizbullah - its other ally in Lebanon - has become restrained. It may be due to these reasons that Iran re-shifted its attention toward the Gulf front. Tehran placed the Bahraini file on the top of its list of priorities. But regardless of the controversy surrounding its direct interference in Bahrain and the fact that it considered the demands of its Shiite supporters as being those of all the Bahraini citizens and of citizens in other Gulf states, Tehran adopted several concomitant forms of escalation. In the meantime, all the statements and speeches in Iran stressed the necessity of interfering to confront the GCC policy in Bahrain. And while the Iranian diplomacy is merely alluding to interference by use of force, the leaders of the military institution are bluntly announcing they deem it necessary.

2011-04-21 00:00:00

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