Syria's Bloody Repression

(Washington Post) Editorial - Now that demonstrations have erupted in dozens of Syrian communities, the prevailing view seems to be that the regime, which has offered no reforms, is capable of putting them down by brute force. Syrians craving an end to one of the region's most vicious police states have received no significant help from the U.S. or other nations that claim to support freedom in the Middle East, although steps are readily available: sanctions against those carrying out the repression; referral of Syria's behavior to the UN Security Council for a resolution of condemnation; withdrawal of the ambassador dispatched to Damascus last year. All these would be blows against a regime that is Iran's closest ally in the Middle East; that supplies Hamas and Hizbullah with missiles to fire at Israeli cities; that destabilized Lebanon's pro-Western government with a string of murders; and that tried to secretly build a nuclear reactor with the help of North Korea.

2011-04-14 00:00:00

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