U.S. Slams Syria for Exporting Middle East Terror

(Reuters) Speaking after a meeting in Paris with French President Chirac, Secretary of State Rice strongly criticized Syria on Tuesday for what she said was its policy of exporting terror and attempting to wreck a peace process in the Middle East. Rice said Damascus had been "unhelpful in a number of ways," complaining that Syria was backing an insurgency in Iraq and undermining the political system in Lebanon by refusing to withdraw its troops from the country. "It is just not acceptable that Syria would continue to be a place from which terrorists are funded and helped to destroy the very fragile peace process in the Middle East or to change the dynamic of events in Lebanon," Rice said. "The Syrians also need to stop supporting from Lebanon the rejectionist groups that are a threat to the very peace process that we all want to see go forward," she said.

2005-02-09 00:00:00

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